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Somewhere near Moscow

1st set with Fuji X-E1

Story by Tim Nazarov February 19th, 2014

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Borovskiy monastery

100km to the South-West from Moscow and you are in a calm and filled with history place - Borovskiy Monastery founded by saint Pafnutiy in 1444. Many people from all over Russia come here in search of peace in their minds and health in their bodies with the help of confessor Vlasiy.

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The atmosphere inside is filled with feeling of tranquility
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Btw all of the photos were taken with Fuji X-E1 and 50mm (in 35mm equivalent) Fujinon lens without any preparation or tripod.

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Sunny days during Moscow winter are so rare that every single day can be counted.

Friends and selfies

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Though the winter is rather snowy we were surprised to find the roads cleaned.

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What are these photos about?

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What are these photos about?

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Russia, Kaluga Oblast, Borovsk